The Art of Dying


A platformer in which you'll die many, many times


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The Art of Dying is a 2D platformer where players have to make their way through six painfully hard levels. Sound like just a few? Trust us, it's not.

The game has two different difficulty levels: terribly hard and painfully hard. In the first, you might find it difficult to finish the third level, while the second one is so impossible you'll probably give up much earlier.

The controls are quite simple: you have the jump, the traditional double-jump, and also a sword to attack enemies and break boxes. Nothing else. With these simple controls you'll have to make your way through a place filled with traps that don't make things any easier.

The Art of Dying is a 2D platformer that's as difficult as it is well crafted, bringing to mind titles like Super Meat Boy or The Unfair Platformer due to its difficulty and ability to entertain.
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